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Holly Temple Of Dormition Asclepio


    The Holy Temple of Dormition in the village Asclepio was built in 1060 AD, in the floor plan of a free cross. Subsequent additions in the Knight Period bear a groin-vault coverage.
    It is decorated with frescoes in two older layers, which date back to the 1st quarter of the 16th century and to 1677 (dedicated inscription on the impressive representation of the Revelation, on the south tower of the temple, referring to painter Michael from Chios), and two newer layers of the 18th and 19th century.
    Two buildings are preserved in the courtyard space of the church.
    The first one is kella, a stone-built single-space building dating back to 1879, an old storage room, where olive oil was kept in large clay jars. The second one is the olive oil press of the village, a stone-built building, one of the very few samples of industrial buildings preserved along with all of their equipment, as immediately after liberation, the old machines were replaced with motor machines, which are still preserved today.
    The buildings have been restored and have been turned into a folklore museum.

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